Today I have a very simple gift idea from the kitchen for you: nougat chocolates with Christmas motifs! You only need three ingredients and the instructions are perfect for all praline beginners.

Make your own nougat chocolates with Christmas motifs – a gift idea from the kitchen

These chocolates take very little effort and are ready in no time! If you’re being completely honest, you just have to pour them together and let the pretty shapes do all the work. Here are the instructions for you.

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Nougat chocolates with Christmas motifs – that’s what you need

  • A pack of couverture whole milk
  • A pack of nougat cut-proof
  • Ca. 4 Toffifees
  • Besides that
  • Silicone mold Christmas*
  • water bath

By the way, the silicone mold is a set of two – so you can use both for chocolates, or one for food and one for other projects, such as Christmas soaps.

This is how it’s done – make your own nougat chocolates with a Christmas motif

First melt the couverture in a water bath. Put a dollop in each design of the mold and move it back and forth so that the mold is completely lined with chocolate. Let the chocolate harden. Chop the toffees very small. Melt the sliced ​​nougat in a water bath and stir in the toffee pieces. Fill the molds and let them harden. Finally, add a layer of couverture on top. After everything has hardened again, you can take the nougat pralines out of the mold and cut off any excess on the edges.

Ready to give as a gift!

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