Make an ATM as a money gift for Christmas

This is how you make an ATM that spits out one bill after the other 😉 I made an ATM out of a matchbox a while ago: CLICK. The disadvantage was that only 5 EUR notes fit in. Here I have now created my own foldable version into which all the desired notes up to 50 EUR can fit. In the unlikely event that you want to pack in a lot of 100s or 500s, you can of course simply print the file out a little larger 😉 You can find the print file with three Christmas motifs to choose from here in the materials list.

Material list:

  • Christmas ATM Print File: CLICK
  • Kraft paper with grain 230 g: CLICK
  • or: at Müller on site you can get 230 g kraft paper without grain
  • 1 sheet of white paper approx. 180g
  • well-covering colored pencils, I have these: CLICK
  • gold and silver Edding
  • craft knife
  • Lineal
  • Glue stick
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

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Here’s the link Step-by-Step-Video: CLICK

The ATM is ready as a gift of money for Christmas or just because. Feel free to send me your results via Instagram, where I often share them. By the way, I have some more Christmas ideas for you here: CLICK

Have fun crafting and have a nice Advent season!

Your Sammy


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