Interactive Mother’s Day card that changes color when opened *Advertising

Would you like to make a really special Mother’s Day card for your mom? I show you here along with butinette my completely new and almost magical idea, which you’ve probably never seen before 😉 The black and white bouquet is colored piece by piece when you pull out the card, so that your mum receives a colorful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day.

Material list:

  • All materials used are summarized here for you: CLICK
  • additionally you need:
  • hot glue
  • glue stick
  • Scissors
  • My Freebie: CLICK

That’s how it works:

1.) Prepare the blanks Print out my freebie in its original size. Transfer the rectangle size 1x to the white paper and 2x to the transparent film and cut out all three shapes.

2.) Paint slides Now place the first foil exactly on the template and first trace the flowers and the lettering with the thin black marker pen from POSCA. I really recommend you to use this exact pen here, it’s just the right thickness and the perfect color application so it looks nice and clean. Let the foil dry for a few minutes.

Then put the second foil on top of the already painted one. Then you paint the bright colors on it, just as you like it best. The light green sharpie has a particularly nice pastel color for the leaves, so it doesn’t look too kitschy overall. Now let the colored foil dry for a while.

3.) Glue the inner card together Now apply hot glue to the upper edge of the white rectangle and first stick on the colored foil. Apply hot glue to the upper edge again and then attach the foil with the black outlines so that a total of three layers are now glued together congruently. Now transfer the strip shape from the freebie to kraft paper, fold the shape in half and glue it to the top of the card with hot glue. Label them with “Please pull”. Finally, cut out the two lines “Colorful flowers for the best mom” from the freebie and glue them to the front page with a glue stick as shown.

4.) Making a card envelope Take two passepartout cards. You leave one as it is, from the other you cut three frame sides away as shown in the first photo here. Then use glue stick to glue the folded edge to the inside of the complete card so that the card now has a foldable inside. Now insert the finished flower card in such a way that only the first foil is on top and the other two parts disappear into the paper bag. Finally, you can also glue the side of the card sleeve shut with a little bit of hot glue – or you can simply leave it open.

If you now pull the inner card, the bouquet will be colored piece by piece as you pull it out 😉 This completes this very special Mother’s Day card!

I hope you liked my idea and I’m happy if you show others how to make this beautiful Mother’s Day card by sharing it 😉

Have fun tinkering and giving away and a happy Mother’s Day for you and your moms!

Your Sammy


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