DIY matchbox as a Peppa house *** contains advertising

Here I show you a very simple children’s birthday invitation, more precisely a Peppa Pig invitation. This matchbox house in the look of Peppa and George’s house will definitely make children’s eyes light up 😉 I have prepared all the motifs for you ready-made and in the right size for printing – so super easy to copy! Have lots of fun with it!

Peppa Pig invitation

Material list:

  • My Freebie: CLICK
  • Blank matchboxes: CLICK
  • 120 g A4 paper for the printer (1 sheet per invitation)
  • Scissors (Safety note: Never let children handle the scissors unsupervised)
  • black fineliner
  • glue stick

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That’s how it works:

1.) Print out the template Print out the pdf file from the material list on white 120 g A4 paper and cut out all the shapes with scissors. (Safety note: never let children handle the scissors unsupervised).

2.) Glue boxes Glue the two parts of the house to the outer box at the front and back with a glue stick. Let the roof protrude upwards so that the meadow is flush with the box at the bottom edge. In the inner box you first glue the blue background and then the other layers as shown here.

3.) Label the box Now write your own personal invitation. I did this line by line to make it easier to correct a mistake or smudge

Finally, you stick all the writing parts on and in the box:

Pushes the inner box into the outer box and COMPLETE is your very personal Peppa Pig invitation to a children’s birthday party 😉

Have fun crafting and celebrating,

Your Sammy


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