Are you looking for ideas for short-term Christmas gifts? Then this article is just right for you!

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is approaching and I’m already in the middle of making short-term Christmas presents. Christmas is almost here, so you should also think about short-term gifts or last-minute ideas that you can give away during Advent or Christmas. Because you know: things you make yourself are always welcome because the recipient will then see that you have thought of something special to bring joy. You are welcome to be inspired by my short-term Christmas presents and of course make them yourself.

Have fun browsing and imitating!

12 short-term Christmas gifts / last minute ideas

These Rocky Roads – homemade chocolate cubes are simply delicious and perfect as a short-term gift for a loved one. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

DIY cute reindeer noses

These red Rudolf reindeer noses are sweet, funny and Christmassy and are also ideal as an SOS gift or as a souvenir.

Make a candle with Christmas spices

We all like the smell of Christmas in our home or office and this candle with Christmas spices is a great idea for short-term Christmas gifts.

Make your own scratch card - template to print out

A creative idea for a short-term gift is voucher scratch cards that you can make yourself. You can find the template to print out here.

Transfer photo to wood

A very personal gift is a wooden photo pendant that you can use to make a loved one happy. It is also suitable as an SOS gift when you haven’t had time to buy gifts.

Making bookmarks for adults

A must-have for all bookworms who can hardly wait to receive new reading material as a gift is a bookmark for short-term Christmas gifts.

Christmas Sugar Scrub

A Christmas sugar scrub in a decorative glass is always well received and makes an ideal short-term gift.

Broken chocolate as a Christmas present

Broken chocolate is mega-tasty, quick and easy to make. Lovingly packaged, everyone with a sweet tooth will be happy to receive such a Christmas present.

DIY bubble candle / make your own candle

A homemade candle is also a great Christmas gift and this bubble candle is also an absolute eye-catcher.

Short-term Christmas gifts: Fold a star out of money as a gift

Gifts of money can be special if you fold the money in an original way as a star. A great option for short-term Christmas presents for which you only need enough banknotes.

Short-term Christmas gifts: Make your own cheesecake pralines

For anyone who likes sweets, these cheesecake chocolates are a delicious, short-term gift for Advent or Christmas.

Short-term Christmas gifts: OREO Fudge / Cookies and Cream Fudge

OREO Fudge – doesn’t that sound delicious? Quick to make and perfect as an SOS gift idea for friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues or family. Everyone will love the OREO fudge.

What about you: Make your own short-term Christmas presents or would you rather buy them?

See you then. Your Laura

Over Laura

I’m Laura from Berlin & Hamburg. TRYTRYTRY stands for trying new things, pushing yourself to your limits and not giving up, even if you fall down. Here we blog about the topics of food, DIY and the beautiful life.


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