Today I have a quick last minute DIY for Christmas in my luggage: a winter door wreath with letters. It’s really quick to make!

DIY winter door wreath with letters – make simple Christmas decorations yourself

There was so much green left over from my Advent wreath this year that there was easily enough for three more wreaths. I’ll show you the Advent wreath on the blog next year, and you could already see a little insight (including a sneak peak into the new kitchen) on Instagram. This simple winter wreath with letters was created from the leftovers, which I’m just showing you today for inspiration.

Winter door wreath with letters – that’s what you need

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I used the following material for the door wreath

This is how it works – make your own winter door wreath with letters

I didn’t tie the entire door wreath because I wanted the gold ring to still be visible, so I only attached the fir green, eucalyptus and gypsophila to the lower part with the binding wire and tied it in both directions. If you are making a large wreath (like in the picture above) then you should make sure that you always place the green in the same direction.

In the second step, I stretched two pieces of wire over the wreath and attached each letter with a dab of hot glue. It always works for me to nibble the hot glue off the wood – this way you can use the letters and the metal ring again and again. Just make sure that in most sets each letter only appears three times. The set I linked contains each letter six times – making it easier to find matching words or sayings. To hang it up, I also took a piece of wire and then hung it on the door with a nylon thread (attached on the inside!).

Already finished! You can find even more simple Christmas decorations in this article: Natural Christmas decoration ideas! There I have linked all the ideas from the collage below for you. We have collected beautiful gifts and calendars for 2024 for you in our Etsy collections (affiliate link).

Tomorrow I’ll show you our complete Christmas inspiration at a glance!

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