Before we say goodbye to a little winter break, we have a quick DIY for you today: We’ll show you how you can make simple folding stars yourself! They are super quick to make and a lovely, simple Christmas decoration idea! All you need is paper and glue!

Folding instructions for simple folding stars made of paper – make simple Christmas decorations yourself

The folding stars are a super simple decoration idea that you can bring out every year – and they’re also relatively cheap, because you could also simply use printer paper for them. It becomes a little nicer and more durable with a stronger construction paper.

Simple folding stars – that’s what you need

  • Construction paper – divided into 7 squares 20×20 cm
  • Possibly a ruler and set square
  • duct tape
  • hot glue

Tip: Since I wanted to make several stars, I bought A2 sheets of construction paper from the stationery store and cut them to size. From one sheet you get 6 squares. You can make the stars in any size by simply adjusting the size of the basic square.

This is how it’s done – make simple folding stars yourself

Folding instructions are often much easier to understand when you see them in front of you – that’s why we recorded the instructions as a video – an Idea Pin, which you can watch here:

Folding instructions for a simple poinsettia

Feel free to pin the pin to your own board if you are logged in to Pinterest. This way you can always find it again quickly!

And here is a brief summary of the steps.

First prepare 7 squares – in the video the pieces of paper are 20×20 centimeters in size. If you work with a set square, if the angles are right, it will be easier to fold everything more accurately later.

Then each individual square is formed into a star point. To do this, first fold it diagonally to create two triangles. Then you open it up again and fold the two corners (to which there is no line yet) towards the line. Then grab the smaller triangle and fold it onto the larger triangle. In the next step you fold the bottom corners of the small triangle towards a line. You connect these two parts with some adhesive tape – and a star point is ready!

Now it’s time to glue it together. Connect each star point with a little hot glue at the bottom (smaller) end.

Sounds complicated? Hopefully the video instructions make it easy to understand and quick!

Have fun folding,


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