Are you looking for ideas for suitable monetary gifts? Then this article is just right for you. A wedding is coming up, a big birthday, an anniversary is to be celebrated or you are invited to a baptism or confirmation: there are many occasions on which you can give money away. However, simply handing over money is not very creative and impersonal.

Give away money creatively with these ideas

But I can help here, because my DIY ideas for a suitable monetary gift are very personal. Plus, the people you surprise with it will definitely be very happy. Although many people are happy about gifts of money or some even collect money for a specific purchase, they don’t have to be boringly given away in an envelope, but can be a real eye-catcher as a DIY item. With my creative DIY craft suggestions you will totally hit the mark.

Have fun browsing and imitating!

Make the 12 most beautiful DIY money gifts

A gift idea that actually comes from the heart! Because who doesn’t love heart packaging with hearts made from banknotes emerging from the inside? Whether for a birthday, wedding or confirmation, self-made DIY money gifts will be remembered for a long time.

Creative gifts of money in a chocolate box

For all those with a sweet tooth who also want to fulfill a small wish, this box of chocolates with sweets combined with banknotes is a fun money gift, don’t you think?

Mini bus with cans as a wedding present

Cash gifts are very popular at weddings and if you want to help the bride and groom finance a honeymoon, you can wrap the money with such a DIY.

Origami butterflies as monetary gifts in a picture frame

This idea for money gifts is an absolute eye-catcher – a picture frame for which I folded butterflies out of money.

Money printing machine

Who hasn’t wished for this before – simply print money when you need something. This money printing machine makes a great monetary gift for birthdays, weddings, baptisms or confirmations.

Flowers fold from money in bouquet

A wonderful bouquet of flowers is a must for all anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or baptisms. If money flowers are placed between the flowers as gifts of money, this bouquet is also original.

Fold mountains of money

A picture frame with huge mountains of money. This money gift idea is easy to make.

Flying butterflies in the box as money gifts

The flying butterflies are one of my favorite craft ideas because they are a real eye-catcher as a gift of money.

Butterflies fold out of money in the bell jar

What a wonderful DIY idea is this decorative glass bell with money butterflies underneath. You can make this gift of money quickly and easily.

Flower wreath with banknotes as gifts of money

Flower wreaths are suitable for baptisms and weddings, birthdays and confirmations. This money gift idea is a great surprise for everyone.

Money gift in a wooden box (SOS gift)

A DIY idea for anyone who needs an SOS money is this wooden box with little things that, together with money, will bring great joy.

Gift of money in a flower pot

This gift of money in a flower pot is a special kind of floral greeting. Such a DIY is packed quickly.

Do you also like making money gifts?

See you then. Your Laura

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I’m Laura from Berlin & Hamburg. TRYTRYTRY stands for trying new things, pushing yourself to your limits and not giving up, even if you fall down. Here we blog about the topics of food, DIY and the beautiful life.


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