Today we continue our little series on the subject of Easter and we will show you the most beautiful DIY ideas on the subject Make Easter decorations – Everything is included, from beautiful table decorations to Easter crafts with children etc.!

Make Easter decorations – the most beautiful 12 DIY Easter decoration ideas from table decorations to Easter crafts with children

We have put together a total of 12 beautiful DIY ideas for you on the topic of making Easter decorations. In addition to classic ideas with Easter bunnies and crafts with eggs, there are also many ideas that can be used as spring decorations throughout the spring, such as our origami vases. Here are our tips!

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Tip 1 – Make Easter decorations – napkin bunnies as Easter table decorations

We’ve had this cute Easter bunny decoration on the blog for a long time and use it again and again for Easter. In this article we will show you how you can make DIY napkin bunnies Easter decorations. Both cloth napkins and normal paper napkins are suitable for this. We also used mini clay pots*.

Tip 2 – small cress pots with names as Easter table decorations

You can also use the mini pots* to make these beautiful bunny name tags for Easter table decorations. We implemented the idea for the Finally Spring blogger series. To do this, simply plant cress in a clay pot, paint a rabbit’s face and cut out two ears from construction paper. We then wrote down the names with a brush pen*.

Tip 3 – Easter wreath made of eggs for tulips and daffodils

DIY Easter wreath made of eggs with flowers

A small egg wreath with fresh flowers such as tulips or daffodils is perfect as a table decoration for Easter. You can find the instructions here: Make a DIY Easter wreath.

Tip 4 – Small Easter gift – Easter cards made from children’s pictures – Easter crafts with children

Make Easter decorations with children, gift idea, decoration idea

A nice idea for making Easter decorations with children: Maike shows you DIY Easter ideas from children’s drawings – which you can then use as a nice Easter gift, for example: making Easter cards.

Tip 5 – Make Easter mail to scratch off

Make a scratch card

And another tip for Easter crafts with children: These scratch-off Easter cards with hidden messages are always a hit with children and you can easily make them yourself. You can find the instructions here: Make your own Easter scratch cards.

Tip 6 – make completely natural Easter decorations from eggs and feathers

Easter decoration of course DIY eggs with feathers

Simple decorations are often particularly beautiful, such as these eggs with feathers that Maike once made for a content creation. You can either hang them up or place them in a nice bowl on the table. All you need is speckled feathers*, which you then stick on with a liquid craft glue such as Modpodge or napkin glue* (dries transparent!).

Tip 7 – Easter gift jar with blackboard paint

You can label this Easter surprise again and again with blackboard paint. You can find the instructions here: Make a DIY Easter surprise with blackboard paint.

Tip 8 – Make spring-like Easter decorations – origami vases for Easter table decorations

DIY video tutorial folding origami vases yourself

The origami vases are simply made from construction paper and can be placed over any glass. This way you can easily make a new vase in a color that matches the rest of the decoration! We recorded the instructions for you as a YouTube video; you can find the article here: Folding origami vases. There is now another guide to pleated pendants in which we use the same technique. We originally used these for Christmas, but with other colors the pendants have a spring theme and maybe the video will help you. DIY pleated pendant.

Tip 9 – Make Easter decorations from modeling clay – beautiful Easter table decoration ideas

Make DIY Easter decorations from modeling clay - Easter decoration ideas from modeling clay

You can also make beautiful Easter decorations with modeling clay! For example, beautiful name cards or greetings and small vases with a rabbit motif. You can find the instructions in this article: Making Easter decoration ideas from modeling clay. I also always find this delicate wreath made of modeling clay beautiful.

Tip 10 – Alternative to the Easter basket – sew a bunny backpack

Of course, people are looking for eggs at Easter – and we have a nice alternative to the Easter basket for you! This bunny backpack that you can easily sew from leftover fabric. You can find the instructions here: Sewing a DIY bunny backpack.

Tip 11 – Make Easter decorations – make your own candles in eggs

We’ll tell you the easiest way to pour candles into eggshells in this article: Make Easter decorations – pour your own Easter egg candles.

Tip 12 – Natural Easter decorations for the door – tie a wreath with a heart

And finally we’ll show you a natural door wreath as an Easter decoration. You can find the instructions here: DIY Easter decoration door wreath.

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