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Today I show you together with My luck my brand new money gift for the wedding: a mini hot air balloon with the names of the bride and groom, filigree floral decorations around the glass LUCK basket and a balloon that lets small money hearts float through the air when it rises. Of course, you can also use this gift of money for other occasions – in any case, you will certainly conjure up a smile on the face of the recipient.

The heart of my money gift is the peach glass of the current Limited Edition My luck. The special thing about all six glasses of this edition is not only the super delicious taste thanks to 70% fruit content – the glasses themselves are also very special, because they each have their own saying and a suitable design for different gift occasions.

I chose this glass here. Just perfect for a festive and happy occasion 😉

Material list:

  • My lucky glass
  • kraft paper: CLICK
  • banknotes
  • Folding instructions money hearts: CLICK
  • Paper straws natural
  • Decorative ribbon 1-1.5 cm wide
  • transparent adhesive pads
  • small balloon
  • package string
  • opaque white marker pen (1-2 mm)
  • Construction paper in the color of your choice
  • Construction paper pastel green
  • glue stick
  • A movie
  • Scissors
  • small kitchen knife
  • hot glue

By the way: Of course you can also fill the balloon with helium and let the hearts rise automatically. But for this you need a really big balloon so that it can really carry the weight of the bills and the effect lasts for a while.

If you liked my new balloon money gift for the wedding, then feel free to share my idea on your social media channels. I’m always happy to see photos of your own handicraft results 😉

Have fun crafting and celebrating!

Your Sammy


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