We’re slowly arriving here in the new house and the roughest construction sites (except for the outdoor facilities, of course!) have been dealt with – that means finally time to devote ourselves to a few upcycling projects and to make sure there is plenty of storage space at the same time. I would like to make cabinets for the children’s rooms from two old kitchen cabinets. Two chests of drawers are also waiting for a new coat of paint. One of them is our old Hemmnes chest of drawers, which we used as a changing table for years, but which I find pretty boring as it is. In addition to color, furniture knobs and handles also make a huge difference and that’s why I’ll show you my inspiration list for beautiful furniture knobs for upcycling projects today!

Find beautiful furniture knobs for an upcycling project – the most beautiful furniture handles for chests of drawers, cupboards and Co.

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We have already shown you the effect a few new handles can have on many DIY furniture projects. Here are a few of my favourites:

I’ve been browsing for new furniture knobs for a few evenings now and saved my favorites in my furniture knob collection. There you will find about 25 modern handles and knobs for dressers and cabinets, also made of wood. If you are still unsure how best to choose furniture knobs for an upcycling project, then feel free to take a look my 5 tips for choosing the perfect furniture handles below! For this article I have limited myself to my 9 favorites made of marble or brass. You can find them from top to bottom here:

So that was my choice. If you want to see more, just hop over to our Etsy profile using the button. By the way, you can also see all of our other collections via the selection above. For example, we have a great number of gift guides (e.g. for birth) and will add many more topics.

Modern furniture knobs and handles

5 tips for choosing furniture knobs or furniture handles

Here are my 5 tips for choosing furniture knobs, which I always keep in mind as a small checklist for upcycling projects.

Tip 1 How easy are the knobs to grip?

While all those beautiful knobs are tempting, first and foremost they should be practical and easy to open. Before you buy, think about how often you have to open the chest of drawers or the cupboard and also WHO opens it (children?). Especially when it comes to heavy doors that you open often, the handle should be comfortable to hold – the best example is the refrigerator! With less frequently used storage space, the design can sometimes be in the foreground.

Tip 2 Existing boreholes?

Are there already drill holes for the previous handles on the piece of furniture? Then consider whether you want to continue using it. There is of course the possibility of filling and sanding these when upcycling, but this effort is not always wanted or necessary.

Tip 3 Pay attention to the perfect size

If you order knobs online and find it hard to imagine how big they will be, it sometimes helps to trace the approximate measurements on paper and tape them to the cabinet with masking tape or washi tape. This gives you a good feeling as to which of the two sizes could be more suitable. And the following always applies here: If it is a heavy door/drawer, it is better to choose a larger or less filigree handle.

Tip 4 Material selection – wood, metal or something completely different?

When choosing the material, I often orientate myself roughly on the existing furniture in the room and make sure that it roughly fits and is a complete mess. For example, if I choose wooden furniture handles, I make sure that the tone roughly matches other existing wooden furniture. With a chest of drawers in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you can make sure that the metal knobs match the fittings. This makes the overall concept appear coherent.

Tip 5 Color and shape – contrast or tone on tone?

Finally, it’s about the piece of furniture itself and the handles. Should the handles be a highlight and stand out? For example, I find matt lacquers with dark colors and shiny furniture knobs (like the snails in the collage) particularly beautiful. Furniture handles that you choose tone on tone look particularly inconspicuous.

Those were my tips – and when I’m done with all my DIY furniture projects, then of course you’ll be the first to read about them here!

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