Today we have a healthy breakfast recipe for you: small oat pancakes.

3 ingredient oat pancakes

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What is your favorite breakfast, what do you treat yourself to on birthdays or on vacation? I think my inner holiday bells ring when I get pancakes for breakfast. I often think of our vacation in Mexico about 8000 years ago. We really rarely make pancakes for breakfast. Why actually? They are prepared almost as quickly as the breakfast egg or the smoothie in the morning. I think it’s mostly because you’re always programmed to be automatic at the decisive moment and you do the usual. So I’m now hanging a note on the kitchen cupboard with breakfast variations that will remind me and my husband at the weekend to serve something different again.

A tip: it’s best to hang the recipe on the fridge before Mother’s Day ­čśë

Oat pancakes as a breakfast idea

You don’t make these pancakes with wheat flour, but with oat flour. You can easily make the oatmeal yourself, with rolled oats and a blender or blender.

Ingredients for the oat pancakes

(for about 3 pancakes)

  • 120 grams of rolled oats
  • 1 No
  • 100 ml milk (plant-based milk or buttermilk)
  • like butter

This is how you bake the oat pancakes

First you make your oatmeal. You can also do this with a whole pack of oatmeal. You then keep the leftovers in a large mason jar or similar. All you have to do is paint the oatmeal small with a lightning chipper. They don’t become as fine as wheat flour, but retain some structure. That’s OK.

make oatmeal

Then put about 100 g oatmeal, 1 egg and some milk in a bowl and stir it all together to form a porridge. Add enough milk so that the porridge does not become too runny but remains easy to stir. The breakfast pancakes can be a bit firmer. Using buttermilk will make the pancakes even fluffier.

Then bake small pancakes in a hot pan with the melted butter.

Serve them with the topping of your choice. They taste delicious with syrup, honey, jam or fresh fruit.

Pancakes with oatmeal

Serve with the superfood smoothie or the carrot detox smoothie.

Detox carrot smoothie CarotsmoothieBreakfast recipes smoothie superfood

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