It’s almost Halloween again. This year I decorated my kitchen window to get in the mood.

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Paint a DIY Halloween window picture

The nice thing about chalk markers is that you are already prepared for every season, every holiday and every celebration and can conjure up the right decoration in no time. I don’t have a lot of Halloween decorations and I don’t plan on creating a large collection of decorations for all the holidays. One morning I conjured up a spooky atmosphere on the kitchen window with the chalk markers and the fairy lights from the Christmas decoration box.

Halloween decoration idea bats

Be sure to take a look at my Christmas windows. They are also painted very simply but effectively.

Window pictures DIY Halloween

This is what you need for window pictures

This is how you recreate the Halloween window picture with bats

First, you should clean your windows thoroughly inside and out.
I always have a lint-free cloth on hand when I’m painting, in case I need to clean something up.

Print out the templates or draw a hanging and a flying bat yourself on paper. For orientation purposes, it is practical to stick the template on the outside of the window.

Work your way from top to bottom of the window so you don’t smear anything.

Depending on the size of the window, you may have to adjust the size of the lettering. The lettering must always be printed out in mirror writing and painted on so that it can be read from outside. A template is very useful here so that you don’t make mistakes. You can also download and print our template in 3 parts. You then have to glue the word “Halloween” together from two sheets of paper.
Align the lettering centrally in the middle of the window and add a few flourishes above and below the lettering.

The flying bats vary somewhat with the direction of flight. You will see that the templates simply serve as a rough guide, but you can easily paint larger and smaller bats and those with thicker or thinner wings. Trust that the overall picture will look great, even if an individual bat turns out a little better or less good.

If you want to correct a few lines, you can simply wipe them dry. If you want to correct more, it helps to work with glass cleaner. Ensures that the window is always stain-free.

Have fun designing your windows.

Your Maike

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