Are you looking for a personal gift for friends or family members? Here are the most beautiful customizable gifts you can order via Etsy.

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Give personalized gifts

We’ve browsed Etsy again to find the most beautiful gifts that you can personalize in your own way. Whether it’s art with your own pet photo, a doormat with your family name or a birth poster with the starry sky of the night you were born…here are the most beautiful ideas for you.

Did not find the right thing yet? Sometimes it helps to think again.

When giving gifts, also think about collective gifts. You can also simply give a gift for the whole family, such as the animal silhouette of your favorite pet. Then the budget can be a little larger. Or you can give your friends the same agenda, but with their own names and you’ve already ticked off several items on your list.

If you’re looking for more personalized gift ideas, take a look at these collages.

Personalizable gift ideas 2022

The topic here is wedding presents, but it could still possibly be suitable for Christmas.

20 customizable wedding gift ideas

Personalized DIY gifts

And then of course there is the option for a DIY gift. Embroider, sew, paint or describe something? Take a look in the DIY Finder.

And if you would like to give a gift to someone with creative hobbies, then take a look at our new post with over 100 gift ideas for creative people.

We wish you good luck with your gift giving!

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