What is the most delicious thing you can make with lemons? For me definitely lemon curd! Whether as a cake filling, cupcake topping, spread, in yoghurt or pure – I love it! That’s why I’m sharing my very simple lemon curd basic recipe with you today, which is a guarantee of success. Quick to make and simply delicious!

Lemon curd – quick basic recipe with success guarantee without Thermomix

You can easily make my basic recipe for Lemon Curd at home – you don’t need a Thermomix for it either. A hand mixer would be useful though. You can alternatively use a whisk, but you need a lot of stamina for that!

Lemon curd basic recipe

Ingredients for lemon curd

The amount is enough for a large jar or two smaller jam jars

  • 1-2 organic lemons (you need about 50 milliliters of lemon juice and the zest of the lemons. It is therefore important that they are untreated)
  • 75 grams of sugar
  • 2 Owner
  • 40 Gramm Butter

Besides that

  • grater
  • Metal bowl and pot for water bath
  • hand mixer
  • jam jars

Make lemon curd yourself – it’s guaranteed to work that way

Lemon curd basic recipe that is guaranteed to succeed with simple steps

Step 1 – Grate and squeeze the lemons

The first step is to prepare the lemons. Wash them off with hot water and then grate the peel finely. You can already collect the abrasion in the metal bowl. Then you squeeze the lemons and measure out 50 milliliters of juice, which you also put in the metal bowl.

Step 2 – Add all other ingredients

I then put all the ingredients directly into the metal bowl. I used to always add the butter as the last step, but now I add it directly.

Step 3 – Caution – already sterilize jars

Before you really get started, you should sterilize your jam jars with boiling water and have them ready so that you can decant the lemon curd directly when it is ready.

Step 4 – Boil and Blend

Then place the metal bowl on a pot with steaming water and stir the mass with the mixer. At first she looks a bit adventurous because of the butter flakes – but she will! Keep blending until the consistency becomes creamy and pudding-like. This can take a few minutes, so be patient!

After that you can fill the lemon curd and process it further!

Enjoy the meal,


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