You are very welcome to Paulina Kitchen all those who, like those who write on this blog, cannot resist snacking. Well, you understand… We start eating something that is one or two bites long and we can’t stop.

With the yucatecan panuchos that happens. You start eating one and you can’t stop. They are small, delicious and abundant. Keep reading, you won’t be able to believe how easy they are to make… in a jiffy as grandmas say.

About the Panuchos

Los panuchos They are an emblematic dish of Yucatecan gastronomy in Mexico, known for their authentic flavor and characteristic combination of ingredients. In short, they are simply taco dough tortillas filled with refried beans and, sometimes, other ingredients such as chicken meat, turkey or fishaccompanied by various condiments and sauces.

Where and when were Yucatecan panuchos created?

It is believed that the recipe has pre-Hispanic roots, since the Mayans used corn as a staple in their diet and developed various ways of preparing tortillas. Over time, the ingredients and culinary techniques gave rise to the creation of the panuchosa highly appreciated delicacy both in Yucatán and beyond its borders.

Los panuchos They are a variety of tacos that are differentiated by their crunchy tortilla and unique filling. The base of this dish is corn tortillaa fundamental ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

What makes them special is the way the tortilla is prepared to create a crispy texture and resistant, unlike the soft tortillas used in other types of tacos.

How and with what are panuchos traditionally prepared?

The preparation of this recipe It reflects the thoroughness and attention to detail that characterize Yucatecan cuisine. From the frying process from the tortillas to the selection of the ingredients of the filling and sauceseach step has an impact on the diner’s final experience.

They are taken Corn tortillas and lightly fried in hot oil until they are crispy, creating a kind of crispy base. Cook the black beans until tender. They are then fried in a little oil with garlic and onion. These beans are used to fill tortillas.

Once the tortillas are crispyan opening is made at one end and they are filled with a generous layer of refried beans. Optionally, you can add chicken meat, of them o fish crumbled and seasoned.

The plating

Los panuchos They are traditionally served with pickled red onionsliced ​​avocado, spicy tomato sauce and habanero chili sauce, which gives it that characteristic touch spicy and tasty. The purple Onion Pickled, for example, not only adds flavor and color, but is also reminiscent of the sweet and sour flavors typical of the Yucatecan cuisine.

Los panuchos They are presented on a plate, with the ingredients perfectly arranged on the crispy tortilla.

Why are they called panuchos?

Los panuchos They are not only appreciated for their flavor, but also for their cultural importance. They are served in festivals, celebrations and important events in Yucatanwhere they become a symbol of culinary identity and local pride.

Los panuchos They are not only a delight for the palate, but also a window to the rich history, diversity and passion that drives the Yucatan gastronomy.

Name “panucho” has its roots in the Yucatec Mayan language. The word “panucho” derives from the Mayan term “pan-oh” that means “swollen” o “inflated“. This name is very appropriate because of the way in which the corn tortilla It puffs up during the frying process, acquiring a crispy consistency on the outside.

Thus, the name “panucho” refers to the characteristic crunchy texture of the tortilla, which is an essential part of this dish.

Panuchos and salbutes, two Mexican snacks

Los panuchos and salbutes share similarities in their preparation, but are distinguished by a key detail: the tortilla.

While the panuchos They use fried corn tortillas filled with beans and other ingredients, salbutes use corn tortillas that are inflated in hot oil to obtain a soft and spongy texture on the inside.

Los salbutes They are also filled with a variety of ingredientsbut the difference in the texture of the tortilla creates a different dining experience.

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Yucatecan panuchos recipe

Yield: 8 servings

Preparation time: 50 minutes


  • 8 corn tortillas
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • 1 cup cooked black beans
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 chopped onion
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 cups shredded and seasoned chicken meat
  • Avocado, tomato and pickled red onion
  • spicy tomato sauce
  • Habanero chili sauce

How to make panuchos in 4 steps

  1. In a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, sauté the chopped garlic and chopped onion. Add the cooked beans and salt to taste. Cook until you obtain a smooth, refried mixture. Reserve.
  2. Heat enough oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat and fry the corn tortillas until they are crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. Drain them on absorbent paper.
  3. Open each tortilla slightly and spread a generous layer of refried beans and shredded chicken inside.
  4. Place sliced ​​tomatoes, sliced ​​avocado and pickled red onion over the filling. Add the sauces. Serve immediately.
how to make chicken panuchos


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