Today we have collected 20 special Advent calendars for 2023 for you that you can easily order!

20 special Advent calendars 2023 – for creative people, with puzzle fun, for the garden and co.

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Let’s start with the Advent calendar ideas – sorted from top to bottom in the collage so you can find them quickly!

  • At HolzundHerzig you will find the simple wooden Advent bar with the tree that you can push along.
  • Directly below and next to it you will find two mindfulness Advent calendars – one for folding from kindglueck and one in the box from DesignStudioPandP.
  • Liebartig’s book takes you through 24 special Advent moments. You can take a look at the book via the link.
  • In TheBrewCompany’s Advent calendar you will find 24 sample packages of coffee.
  • Right next to it you will find the beautiful Karla Advent calendar from Broste Copenhagen (via beloved home). You can hang 24 packages on the loops, so strictly speaking it would have been one of the Advent calendars to fill.
  • For all puzzle fans there is the Cold Case calendar with 24 criminal cases to solve.
  • Oh you socky Christmas time contains 24 sock knitting patterns for the Christmas season – I would be happy if I could finish my sweater first, but there are really very cool patterns included!
  • Love instead of stuff from ohmilavie lets you easily hide 24 messages or vouchers behind scratch points – for more time together during Advent.
  • You can find an Advent countdown with a gingerbread man at IB Laursen (via beloved home).
  • This Advent calendar with Harry Potter socks is ideal for all Harry Potter fans.
  • Right next to it you can see an Advent calendar to color in – a cozy, meditative activity for the Advent season.
  • For everyone who likes embroidery, there are two stitch-along Advent calendars: one from OhSewBootiful with beautiful Christmas motifs and one for beginners from PickAndStichCo, which guides you step by step through all the basic stitches.
  • The seed advent calendar is a good idea for anyone with a raised bed, balcony or garden. By PutDownSomeRoots.
  • The personalized wooden Advent calendar for couples from einstückchenliebe contains 24 lots for shared experiences.
  • You can get the wooden Advent house bar from fraunelly.
  • And at the very end you will find the Happy Crochet Advent Calendar with 24 small crochet projects.

Even more special Advent calendars

We also discovered these Advent calendars for you, which you won’t find in the collage.

Special Advent calendars for children: Lego Marvel, experiments with the mouse, Play-Doh Advent calendar, The ??? Advent calendar

Special Advent calendars with snacks: sweets from the 90s, licorice calendar, spice calendar, vegan brunch calendar

Special Advent calendars for baking fairies: Advent calendar baking book Potterheads and Friends, Superstreusel AllesKönnerBox, baking calendar by Brigitte.

Ideas for a wonderful Advent season – Advent calendars, Advent calendar fillings, souvenirs, etc.

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