Today we have 10 tips and the best Easter brunch ideas for you that will help you organize a successful Easter brunch easily and without stress. There are over 25 recipes included, many of which can be easily prepared the day before.

10 tips and Easter brunch ideas with over 25 recipes – Easter pastries, Easter spreads and co.

Sitting together comfortably for a long time and having a delicious snack – a little breakfast, a little lunch and a lot of finger food – that’s how we imagine the perfect Easter brunch. So that you don’t spend hours in the kitchen stressed out, we have put together our best tips and many simple recipes here.

How does brunch become Easter brunch? Our best ideas for a stress-free Easter!

What is the difference between a regular brunch and an Easter brunch? In our opinion there doesn’t have to be one! Especially not if it turns into stress. Simply combine your favorite brunch recipes and then choose one or two Easter ideas from our list – for example our Easter spreads or the American Easter egg. Below we have also linked some nice table decoration ideas for you!

Hot or cold dishes for Easter brunch?

We love the combination of hot and cold dishes for breakfast or brunch. Classics like scrambled eggs are quick to make. Other dishes – such as our warm croissant casserole – can be easily prepared the day before and then just have to be put in the oven.

Sweet or savory dishes for Easter brunch?

Here at Kreativfieber we are of course Team Sweet – after all, there is a new sweet recipe idea every Sunday. Of course, hearty dishes are a must at brunch. You can find a few favorites here in the article and we also collect them on our Pinterest boards, which we would be happy to link to the hearty recipes for you!

Which Easter brunch ideas can be easily prepared the day before?

Admittedly, we would prefer to just prepare EVERYTHING the day before – because there is always enough to do on the day itself. That’s why we’ve included lots of recipes here that you can prepare the day before, such as lots of Easter pastries, the mini desserts, the croissant casserole (our favorite breakfast tip!) and also the spreads. The Easter spreads allow for even more lead time!

Our tips – the best Easter brunch ideas with delicious recipes

Now it starts – here you will find our best Easter brunch ideas with lots of recipes to try out!

Tip 1 – Spreads for Easter brunch – perfect to prepare and also nice as a small gift from the kitchen

Let’s start with the Easter spreads! In many cases you can prepare these a week before brunch and if you make two or three glasses at the same time you will also have a nice Easter souvenir to give as a gift! You can find suitable recipes here

Tip 2 – Bake Easter bunnies for Easter brunch

Bake DIY Easter souvenirs: curd bunnies

A real classic and simply super delicious: These fluffy Easter bunnies made from quark oil dough are super delicious with jam and easy to bake with a bunny cookie cutter. If you don’t have any, we also have a recipe for quark balls for you on the blog (but these are fried in oil instead of in the oven). The very simple bunny biscuits made from cookie cutter dough also look beautiful as decoration and we use them as a basis for many recipes. Here you can find them with a simple eggnog filling. Here you will find a large set of Easter cookie cutters (affiliate link) and here a set with 5 different bunny sizes (affiliate link) that you can use for the curd bunnies.

Tip 3 – simply prepare the sweet croissant casserole for Easter brunch the day before

Homemade croissant casserole with berries - breakfast or brunch recipe Baked apple croissant casserole with speculoos - Advent brunch

One of our most popular brunch recipes is a delicious croissant casserole – this can be perfectly prepared the day before, as it works best if the croissants can sit in the fridge overnight. On the day itself, you just have to put the casserole briefly in the oven. We have already tried many variations of it and you can find the croissant casserole with berries and also a version with speculoos on the blog. This is of course more suitable for autumn, but this will give you an idea of ​​how you can play with the ingredients. For Easter I would probably make the berry version – if you want to decorate the recipe for Easter, you can add marzipan carrots (affiliate link) or Easter eggs (affiliate link) after baking.

Tip 4 – bake small rolls for Easter brunch – you can try a lot this way

Yeast rolls hedgehog Easter rolls

Do you even need rolls for brunch? Since brunch combines breakfast and lunch, I would always make rolls with it. A great tip, however, is little To use rolls. This means you won’t be full after just one roll and you have the opportunity to try many different spreads. One of my favorite recipes are these simple curd rolls. The dough doesn’t have to rise and they are made super quickly! Maike also has a recipe for these sweet hedgehog rolls that are particularly popular with children.

Tip 5 – Delicious Easter pastries for Easter brunch

Bake cinnamon curls with almonds and apricot jam - delicious recipe idea for Easter Bake an American fried egg for Easter Carrot Mini Bundt Cake

If you’re Team Sweet like us, then of course you can’t miss out on some delicious pastries! For brunch, we prefer small nibbles rather than classic cakes, although a carrot cake at Easter of course also has its charm – and also the advantage that it often tastes even tastier after a day of eating. Here are a few recipe suggestions!

Tip 6 – bake a classic Easter wreath for Easter brunch

Easter wreath with eggs

An absolute classic for Easter: an Easter wreath with eggs! We’ve had this simple recipe on the blog for ages. It combines perfectly with the delicious Easter spreads from step 1 and also tastes great with butter!

Tip 7 – small mini desserts in glasses that can be easily prepared the day before

Eggnog tiramisu with cantuccini Easter dessert Lemon curd mousse dessert with lemons recipe idea

Desserts always work, right? For Easter brunch we love small desserts in a glass that are super easy to prepare the day before! Here we have a few variants that make this work great:

  • Eggnog tiramisu with cantuccini in a glass – you can also use the beautiful bunny biscuits for this!
  • The lemon curd mousse is super delicious and refreshing. If you prepare a little more lemon curd beforehand (here is our basic lemon curd recipe), you’ll also have a delicious spread for brunch!
  • In the third photo you can see a delicious yogurt mousse – you prepare it the day before and let it “hang out” in the fridge – then you can decorate it however you like. Our recipe uses caramel and meringue, but it also tastes great with berries and lemons! When it comes to decorating, you can get more Easter-y again!
  • This blueberry mousse dessert is one of our most popular desserts on the blog – and we still think it’s delicious! Simply divide the mixture into many small glasses.

Tip 8 – Easter brunch ideas: Hearty!

healthy children's snack egg mufins

We mostly share sweet recipes here, but we also have a nice collection of savory recipes, many of them suitable for finger food, which we love for party buffets or a delicious brunch. Here they come:

Tip 9 – delicious drinks for Easter brunch

Detox carrot smoothie Carot smoothie Non-alcoholic summer drink with blackcurrants and shrub

At Easter we actually serve the same drinks for brunch as always! However, we have two special recipes that we would like to recommend to you: Maike’s delicious carrot detox smoothie fits perfectly on an Easter buffet, right? The decorations are calling loudly: Easter! We also have a super tasty alternative to soda for you: a vinegar-based shrub. It sounds strange at first, but it tastes wonderfully delicious and refreshing!

Tip 10 – simple Easter decorations for Easter brunch

Modern Easter decoration ideas - Scandinavian Easter decorations DIY Easter wreath made of eggs with flowers

Of course, a little nice decoration shouldn’t be missing at Easter! We have a nice collection here – from making DIY Easter decorations to beautiful, simple Scandinavian decorations to buy, everything is included! The bunny biscuits from the tip about bunnies can also be used as table decorations for snacking.

  • Been here on the blog for almost 10 years: The napkin bunnies – made super quickly! It also works with cloth napkins!
  • Simple Easter decoration made from modeling clay with cute name tags.
  • 10 DIY ideas for Easter
  • Easter wreath made of eggs – always beautiful with fresh tulips and daffodils
  • We have also put together a collection for you on Etsy with beautiful Easter decorations and gifts (affiliate link). There you will find many simple, modern decoration ideas.
  • Moderne Osterdeko
  • If you, like us, love beautiful ceramics and would like to treat yourself to a new cup for Easter, then take a look at our collection of the most beautiful pottery items (affiliate link).

There you have it, our 10 tips with the best Easter brunch ideas! Feel free to pin the start image from this article so you can find it again and again! By the way, my personal favorite recipe for Easter is Struwen – but they are always (and only) available here on Good Friday!

Have fun planning and preparing,


PS: And if you now feel like sending some Easter mail, then take a look at our ideas for the most beautiful Easter postcards!

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