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I’ve been really excited to publish this post for a long time!
Once here I’ll show you how you pretty ones Make daffodils out of paper can. And I’m canceling one great new year promotion together with Laura from trytrytry, which is now starting. Yay!

It starts with this post #DIYYearChallenge from Laura and me! As the name suggests – throughout the year I get creative with Laura from trytrytry on a given topic and you can vote on who implemented the topic better. Today the topic is Easter.

This is how the #DIYYearChallenge works: On the 1st of every month we take on one new DIY challenge on a given topic. Everyone can get out of it the same material from our sponsor a DIY idea come up with – and the community votes on who wins! Every month you can win the DIY pack we got creative with by voting on Instagram for who wins.

So: The topic today is Easter.

Our partner has us on this topic Folia superbly equipped with a gigantic paper creative set. You can see what I made of it in this post. And you can vote on Instagram to see which of us won. We’re giving away the huge creative set from among everyone who votes Folia!

About the DIYYearChallenge

Every month Laura from trytrytry and Lisa from meinfeenstaub take on a new DIY challenge on a given topic. Our monthly sponsor sends us the same material – and everyone comes up with a DIY idea using the same material – the community then votes on who wins and who implemented the topic better! Every month you can win the DIY pack we got creative with by voting on Instagram for who wins.

We love the concept and hope you enjoy it just as much! We find it so exciting how differently a topic can be interpreted – and what you can get out of the same material.

Here you can see the huge material package that we each have from Folia got:

So much great paper: floral silk, tracing paper, construction paper, honeycomb paper, pattern paper,…

I had to think for a long time about what I could do with it for Easter – simply because there are so many possibilities. Maybe a great card? Fold Easter eggs? Easter decorations made of paper? Easter baskets?

Then I had a brilliant idea: I’ll make one Paper Easter bouquet of daffodils.

It wasn’t that easy until I was happy – I tinkered with it for a while until I really liked the shape of the flowers. And of course there are instructions and templates for you so that you can make sweet ones too Make daffodils out of paper can!

Here’s how it works: Make daffodils out of paper

Download the template here.

The links are partner links – I receive a small commission, the price does not change for you!

1. In the first step, transfer all the elements from the template to the paper and cut them out.

2. Then roll the green construction paper very thinly from the corner to the middle. This will be the stem of the flower.

3. Apply a strip of tape to the construction paper if you like the length of the stem. Secure the stem with a clamp and cut off the excess paper.

4. Now take the orange rectangle and fold the narrow side very delicately like an accordion.

5. Now put the two ends of the orange rectangle together and glue the open ends together to create a tube.

6. Coat the end of the stem with glue and press the orange part firmly onto it; feel free to squeeze it a little at the bottom.

7. Now the petals are glued together. Glue them so that they overlap each other to form a star shape.

Slide the petals onto the orange part of the stem from the bottom and glue them to the stem.

8. Now take the green tracing paper and conceal the transition from stem to flower by sticking small green leaves all around.

9. Now press the construction paper leaves together a little and stick them to the stem.

19. Cut the paper cord into small pieces and glue them into the pistil, this is the icing on the cake for your daffodil!

Finally, bend the area behind the flower so that the daffodils get the typical shape and look forward.

Now fold and glue a few more copies and you’ll have a great bouquet of daffodils that definitely won’t wilt. It looks particularly beautiful when you combine several colors together. I made some daffodils in white with yellow pistils, and some in light yellow combined with orange. A mix of colors brings life to your paper Easter bouquet!

I used 3 different types of paper for the project: construction paper, tracing paper and the paper cord. The set from Folia is simply perfect for projects like this!

If you would like to win this great set, go to Instagram now and vote under the post as to who implemented the Easter theme better: Laura or me. Psssst: If you like both projects equally, please comment on both posts and you’ll have double the chance of winning!

By the way: The #DIYYearChallenge goes into the next round on May 1st. The theme in May is Flower Power and Laura and I will be creative again with the same material. You can be excited!

Do you like the DIY idea for making daffodils out of paper? Then take it to Pinterest with this photo and mark it on one of your pin boards:


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