Are you going to be invited to a wedding soon? Then today we will show you 15 DIY wedding gift ideas to imitate with step-by-step instructions – everything from guest campaigns, special guest books, beautifully wrapped gifts of money to the wedding cake or the biscuit buffet. Maybe there is something for you too!

15 personal DIY wedding gift ideas – wedding guest promotions, special guest books, biscuit buffet, beautifully wrapped gift of money or wedding cake

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Here they come, our 15 tips for personal DIY wedding gifts. Many of the ideas are self-explanatory from the picture. You can still find the respective instructions linked in the text to click on. In the blog post about the idea, we have often collected many more tricks and tips and idea lists for the idea. In addition, if possible, we have also linked alternatives to order for each idea if you don’t have time to do handicrafts.

Make a note of the cover photo for this article on Pinterest so you can find our collection of gift ideas quickly when the next wedding is coming up. Some of the ideas in this article might look familiar to you from our article on 9 modern guest book alternatives, such as the guest book cards and the postcard wedding gift. A great guest book that gets all wedding guests in action and in conversation with each other is, in our opinion, always a nice gift idea, so we have included a few of the ideas here again. Let’s get started!

Tip 1 – give away a wedding day album for the wedding

Every wedding day is also a little reminder of the wedding itself and a good moment to look back. That’s why I made my sister a DIY wedding anniversary album – with space for photos and lists to tick. In the article you can read exactly what content it contains – for example a little information about the respective wedding day – wooden wedding, copper wedding etc. – up to the gold wedding. If you don’t get along that well with layout programs yourself, you can also buy such an album here on Etsy: Wedding Day Album.

Tip 2 – Wedding cake

DIY wedding cake with dried flowers step by step instructions

I have often given away a wedding cake on request and it is a nice option if you like to bake. You don’t even have to be a motif cake professional. Here are a few examples: Wedding cake with blossoms, winter wedding cake with cinnamon stars.

Tip 3 – Wedding Advent Calendar

Make a DIY wedding advent calendar yourself - a gift for the bride from the maid of honor

Our DIY wedding advent calendar is a great gift idea, for example if you are the maid of honor. In it you pack, for example, 12 nice ideas (one per month) that make you look forward to the wedding. The last package (on the wedding day) can then contain a wedding gift. For example, I put activities together (such as a rehearsal dinner in the wedding restaurant), but also something like socks against cold feet in the calendar. Strictly speaking, not a “real” wedding present, but simply great with a little lead time. All ideas for the filling can be found here: Design a wedding advent calendar.

Tip 4 – personalized globe as packaging for a monetary gift or DIY guest book for couples who love to travel

Decorative globe

If you still have an old globe somewhere, you can simply paint it and give it a name. Maike shows you how to do it here: DIY globe. You can use the finished globe either as packaging for a gift of money or as a personal guest book for a couple who love to travel. As an alternative idea, you might also consider this cork globe with pins as a gift or this scratch-off world map.

Tip 5 – Design guest book cards to fill out

Personal guest book cards to fill out and collect are also a nice idea as a wedding present. With many lists to tick, you can capture the mood of all the guests in attendance. You can find the article with many ideas for the content here: Guest book cards to tick. You can find ready-made cards to hand out here: Guest book cards in many designs.

Tip 6 – Car jewelry

Personalize car jewelry boxes for the wedding car

A nice little surprise for the wedding is DIY car decoration. I simply sprayed cans in one of my favorite spray paint colors and then wrapped them with banderoles and matching paper.

Tip 7 – Play as a guest book

Games as a guest book alternative

If the newlyweds like to play, you can gift them a personalized game. This can also be used as a guest book (Maike wrote a whole article about this here: Use games as a guest book alternative), or as a special gift. We painted and labeled a game of Viking chess and then gave it away. But there are many other ideas such as personalized dice cups or an entire personalized game. You can simply make it yourself or order it ready-made, for example as Monopoly or Backgammon

Tip 8 – Biscuit buffet for the champagne reception

Biscuit buffet for the champagne reception - make cookies for the wedding yourself or give away - idea for finger food for the champagne reception

Another gift idea for everyone who likes to bake: How about a biscuit buffet at the champagne reception? For this I baked three types of biscuits and presented them in a large box. This snack was then simply served instead of cake – it was a hit! Of course, you should discuss such a gift with the wedding couple beforehand. Of course, we have linked the right cookie recipes for you in the article. You will also find a huge selection under Cookies via our recipe finder.

Tip 9 – Money gift in a hot air balloon

DIY gift idea for the wedding - tinker hot air balloon money gift - money gift beautifully packaged

The gift of money in a hot air balloon is very easy to make and super beautiful. You only need a few materials and you can give away a nice eye-catcher. The gift of money is particularly nice if the wedding couple wants money for a honeymoon or honeymoon. We have one here for that Amazon Shopping List: Hot Air Balloon Shopping List

Tip 10 – Gift of money in a picture frame

DIY money gift for the wedding - creatively pack money for the honeymoon in the Ribba frame IKEA - DIY IKEA hack - DIY money box

I made the nice cash gift Let’s start my new adventure out of nice construction paper, my plotter with vinyl foil and a deep picture frame from Ikea. I recently ordered the frames online so that I have them in stock for spontaneous gifts, because parcel shipping has become significantly cheaper in the meantime! I made a small slit in the top of the frame so you can insert money and also use the frame as a piggy bank if you wish. If you don’t have a plotter, you can also easily use a touch-up pen for the DIY.

Tip 11 – Postcards Wedding Gift

52 mottos for 52 postcards = personal mail every week for the wedding couple in their first year of marriage. In our postcard wedding gift you will find all the mottos we used. We designed a cardboard case to present the idea. For this idea it is of course important that you motivate all guests directly to write a reminder in their calendar so that they do not forget to send their card when the time comes. Alternatively, you can have all the cards designed at the party, collect them again and send them off yourself in the appropriate week.

Tip 12 – Sweet Table as a wedding gift

Yet another gift idea for all hobby bakers: a sweet table for a wedding. For Maike’s wedding I took over the complete cake table – including all cakes, cupcakes and co. and the decoration. However, before such a gift you should think carefully about whether you can muster the necessary time (and nerves) for it. You can find my tips for recipes and time management in the article.

Tip 13 – Fold the fish as a gift of money

Fish fold from banknotes and decorate an aquarium

Maike shows you how to build a cute aquarium including small money fish here, including a video: Money fish folding instructions.

Tip 14 – Build a miniature world as a gift of money

Make a DIY money gift for the wedding yourself - make a DIY miniature world yourself - individual packaging ideas

With the right Playmobil personalities, you can also build a small miniature world as a monetary gift. You can assemble your own figures from the linked set, but you can also simply go to the wedding couple’s profession or hobbies and look for suitable individual figures. As here in our small bank robbery Miniature World Gift of money.

Tip 15 – beautiful moments calendar – old photo, still loved idea!

little moments calendar

One of the very first DIY ideas here on the blog in 2012: the small moments calendar – Maike explains the simple principle in the article. There is one index card for each day of the year. Every day you can write down a nice moment on it and put the card on the back. After a year you will always be reminded of the beautiful moments from previous years. In 2023 we would probably use different fabrics and designs for crafting, but we still love the principle! I myself have been using this SchöneMomenteCalendar since 2015 and in this article I have already introduced you to beautiful 5-year diaries. You can also simply fill a vintage card index box with new cards and label them with the date. You can then personalize the box, as for example in the article about the guest book cards.

More beautiful wedding gifts – can be personalized with names

If you’d rather buy an idea, we’ve put together a collection on Etsy of the most beautiful personalized wedding gifts for you. Feel free to drop by there.

Personal wedding gifts

And here you will find beautiful guest book alternatives and simple and modern guest books, which are always a nice wedding gift.

Alternative and modern wedding guest books

We always keep both collections of ideas up to date for you – which means that there are always nice new ideas when we discover some.

We also have a wedding ideas special for you here, in which you will also find great ideas for invitations, decorations, gifts and more. And here Maike tells you her best tips for the wedding budget and how she stayed under 10,000 euros for over 100 guests.

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