Today I was again a guest at the ARD buffet and showed a pretty summery idea for the garden or balcony: a planted bird bath made of terracotta pots.

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The DIY idea is very easy to implement, looks really nice and also helps the birds to stay well hydrated even in summer. With the planting, the bird bath looks really pretty.

Here’s how it works: Make planted bird baths out of terracotta pots

  • Installation glue
  • Terracotta pots with the following diameters: 20 cm, 12 cm, 9 cm
  • Terracotta bowl 22 cm flat
  • Deep terracotta bowl 25 cm
  • Paint sprays or acrylic paint for painting
  • Plants for planting the bowl
  • pebbles

Tipp: The specified diameters of the terracotta pots can of course vary – it is only important that the lower pot is wide enough so that the bird bath has a stable stand.

1. In the first step, the terracotta pots and bowls are painted. For this you can use acrylic paint spray or any other paint that is suitable for outdoor use. Here it looks particularly beautiful when the pots are painted in different colors.

2. Now the terracotta pots are stacked and glued together with assembly glue. First, the largest terracotta pot (20cm) is used and turned over so that the bottom of the pot is facing up. Now apply assembly adhesive to the bottom of the pot.

3. The deep bowl is now placed on top and pressed firmly. Now apply assembly glue to the bottom of the bowl and place the smallest terracotta pot (9 cm) upside down.

4. Now apply assembly adhesive to the bottom of the small pot and press the 12 cm terracotta head firmly onto it.

5. Finally, the edge of the upper plant pot is coated with assembly adhesive and the flat bowl is pressed onto it.

This completes the construction of the bird bath. Flowers can now be planted in the deep bowl. Flowers that grow slightly out of the bowl look particularly beautiful here.

Before the drinking bowl is used, pebbles should be placed in the bowl so that small insects can find a hold.

Do you like the DIY idea? Then feel free to take it with you to Pinterest and make a note of it there on one of your pin boards:


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