Are you still looking for a simple gift idea for embroidery, knitting, knotting or sewing? Today we have put together a small list of projects that are not too difficult and that you can finish before Christmas without any problems.

7 easy DIY gifts with yarn and fabric – sewing, knitting, macrame and embroidery projects

Do you still have leftover fabric or yarn lying around at home that you would like to finally use? Then you still have enough time to make great gifts with them.

Simple macrame knot as a gift for your girlfriend

A nice gift for your best friend or a housewarming. This macrame is not too complicated because you only have to learn one knot – the basic knot. And once you’ve finished this project, you can venture into more complicated macramés.

Wallhanging with a ring as a gift idea

This project with the decorative ring is even easier than the beginner macrame, but no less effective. You can also give it as a gift as a dream catcher. It also looks great in the hallway.

Weave a round mural and give it as a gift

Weaving a DIY round mural - simple circular weaving techniques explained - step by step instructions for weaving techniques

A great project to use leftover wool. Find your favorite color combination and you’ve already woven some pretty decorative gifts.

Knit headbands and give them as gifts – our best instructions

5 free patterns - DIY knitting headbands for beginners - moss stitch, checkerboard pattern, striped pattern and co.

We have put together an overview with complete instructions for our best headbands here. A super nice gift for friends and relatives or for yourself so that you have the right color for every outfit.

Knit dishcloths – as a sustainable gift

Knitting DIY dishcloths - three simple patterns for beginners - packaged as a housewarming gift idea

A beautiful, sustainable gift that you don’t have to knit forever for.

Sew potholders and give them away

At some point the pot holders just get a bit grubby. You can use nice new ones that also look great on the hook in the kitchen.

Embroidery pendant as a souvenir

Embroidery pendant to give as a gift

Do you still have some sewing thread and some fabric? Then all you need are these mini frames at a low price and you can go into mass production and embroider little gifts for all your friends.

Haven’t found the right DIY project for your gifts yet? Then take a look in the DIY Finder.

You also made these little souvenirs quickly and easily:

10 beautiful DIY souvenirs for the Christmas season

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