Less than 10 days until Christmas! Have you already planned and decorated everything? If you (like us) are sometimes on the go a bit last minute, then we have summarized our best Christmas inspiration here for you! Recipes, DIYs, decorations, gift ideas and more to browse!

Christmas inspiration – recipes, DIYs, gift ideas and decorations for Christmas

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Sometimes it’s not that easy for us to keep track of things, because in over 10 years of creative fever, a lot of ideas have come together. With our DIY Finder, Recipe Finder and Gift Finder, it’s now easier to view ideas as desired. We are working on labeling all ideas so that they appear there.

We have also created a new Pinterest board: DIYs, recipes and gifts for the holidays. There we have collected many ideas for the Advent and Christmas season from Kreativfieber – so that you can easily pin what looks interesting to you on your own boards!

Here are a few new ideas from this year and popular classics for you at a glance!

Christmas inspiration – beautiful gifts from the kitchen

Over 55 gift ideas from the kitchen, chocolates, liqueur, jam, chutney, snacks and co

Christmas inspiration – the most delicious recipes for the Christmas cake buffet

Christmas tree brownies Marzipan tart with chocolate nut base, baked apple jam and sour cream - delicious winter tart recipe

Christmas inspiration – delicious desserts for Christmas

Gingerbread Tiramisu - Christmas push up dessert 9 delicious dessert recipes for Christmas and the holidays

Christmas inspiration – make your own Christmas decorations and buy simple Christmas decorations

Simple Christmas decoration ideas - Scandinavian Christmas decorations in natural tones Winter door wreath with letters DIY pleated pendant folding with step by step video instructions - make your own Christmas tree pendant out of paper

Christmas inspiration – the most beautiful gift ideas to make and buy

Over 100 gift ideas for creative people, DIY fans etc. DIY sets, craft sets and practical items personalized gift ideas Gift ideas for menDIY mulled wine hut to go gift idea gift box

Christmas inspiration – wrapping presents

Wrapping bulky gifts - 6 DIY instructions for gift wrapping Fold DIY gift bags for small gifts at Christmas

That’s it – our Christmas inspiration at a glance! Maybe there was something nice for you too!


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