DIY time vouchers with a matching card

A few of you asked me to make a card that would be a nice way to give away time vouchers or a credit card-sized gift card. In my Instagram story I asked you which vouchers you would like to give away – and I have now created some ready-made coupons from the most frequently mentioned answers 😉 The print file also contains the appropriate card as packaging and blank coupons for yourself label. By the way, the small package on the card is just big enough to fit a standard gift check card. You can find the print file in the material list.

This is what the time voucher with the coupons looks like:

And so the desired voucher with a standard gift card inserted:

Material list:

  • My voucher card with coupons: CLICK
  • Kraft paper with grain 230 g: CLICK
  • or: at Müller on site you can get 230 g kraft paper without grain
  • white paper for the voucher coupons approx. 200g
  • golden Sharpie
  • black cord
  • natural colored cord
  • Lineal
  • craft knife
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

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Here’s the link Step-by-Step-Video: CLICK (from tomorrow around 5:00 p.m.)

The voucher card and the time vouchers are ready. By the way, I have some more Christmas ideas for you here: CLICK

Have fun crafting and have a nice Christmas time,

Your Sammy


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