Are you interested in a little Halloween craft idea? In October we’ll show you a few simple, spooky DIY ideas for decoration etc. – have you already discovered Maike’s chalk marker window with bats? Here are the instructions for small Halloween ghosts made from modeling clay.

DIY idea for Halloween – small ghosts made of modeling clay – window decoration for Halloween

In the evenings our little spooky group of ghosts always shines out of the window. The DIY is really quick to make from some modeling clay and small LED lights and creates beautiful, cozy light. The thinner you roll out the modeling clay, the more the light will shine through the ghosts later.

And don’t worry if you don’t get the perfect shape straight away – my kids shaped half of the little ghosts somewhat experimentally, but I think you can still tell from the crowd that it’s supposed to be a little ghost club.

DIY Halloween window decoration ghosts made of modeling clay

This is what you need – DIY Halloween ghosts made from modeling clay

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  • A pack of white modeling clay to air dry
  • rolling pin
  • Messer
  • Kitchen paper or baking paper
  • LED tea lights (they look particularly nice when the lights flicker – I’ve linked a rechargeable set for you).

This is how it’s done – DIY Halloween ghosts made from modeling clay

DIY Halloween ghosts made from modeling clay, window decoration craft idea

The little ghosts made from modeling clay are really quick and easy to make. Grab a small ball of modeling clay and roll it out as thinly as possible. If the edges look a little ragged, you can trim them smooth with a knife. It’s best to create a waveform. The shape should be roughly round at the end.

If you want, you can carve a ghost face with a knife. Then form a small cone shape out of kitchen paper or baking paper and put the modeling clay on top. Fold the ghost’s robe. If there is too much mass, you can simply cut out a wedge-shaped piece and bring the edges together again.

If you’re happy with the shape, just wait – most modeling clays take 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. You can then remove the paper and place an LED light underneath it.

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