Yay, here comes my first DIY post of 2022! Yesterday I was again a guest at the ARD buffet. In the new year I always feel like decorating the apartment nicely after all the Christmas decorations have been thrown out. Since the winter months after Christmas don’t have a special “motto” (no spring yet, no more Christmas!), I just love a nice plant decoration. As usual. But I’d love to have more green right now!

In the ARD buffet I showed how you can make a pretty plant tray with Viennese braid yourself. Of course, the tray can also be used for other decorations and not just for plants. Here you go directly to the media library.

That’s how it’s done: Plant tray with Viennese braid

  • Wooden disc (diameter of your choice – used here: 10 cm and 15 cm – e.g. here, or individually in the hardware store or saw to size)
  • Viennese braid – length: radius of the wooden disc, height of your choice (e.g. here)
  • 3 wooden beads
  • Wicker – 2x the circumference of the wood disc
  • Holzleim
  • saw
  • Thanks
  • hot glue

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In the first step, the mesh is cut into a rectangle with scissors – so that it goes all the way around the wooden disc and the ends overlap slightly. The height of the braid can be set at will.

Tip: If the Vienna weave is cut just a few centimeters high, the plant stand looks more like a tray – if it is cut higher, it goes more in the direction of the plant pot.

Now take the stapler and staple the lower edge of the mesh to the wooden disc. It is best to place the tacker needles at the bottom edge so that they can be well covered by the rattan.

The two protruding ends of the Wiener braid can now be glued with hot glue.

Now the rattan cane is glued all around at the upper and lower edge. This can be done with hot glue or wood glue.

Fix the ends with clips so that the glue can dry well.

In the last step, the wooden beads are glued to the underside of the plant tray.

Depending on how you choose the size and height of the stilts – and the braid – very different looks are created. It looks great when you combine different heights and widths of the plant stand with Viennese mesh as an arrangement:

Do you like the DIY idea with the Vienna weave plant stand? Feel free to save the idea on one of your pinboards on Pinterest:


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