Today I show you creative ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts. Mother’s Day is approaching and you’re still unsure what to get your mom? Or are you even wondering if you should give anything at all that day? I personally think it’s nice to think of my mom and make her happy on this special day by making homemade Mother’s Day gifts myself. And believe me, it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The following ideas are easy to implement and you can even make some of them last minute in case you forgot Mother’s Day.

What can you make yourself for Mother’s Day?

There are many creative ways to make homemade gifts for Mother’s Day. From photo collages to handmade jewelery to personalized mugs and hand-painted pictures – the selection is diverse. You can also make flower vases from upcycled materials, create a personal cookbook with your favorite recipes, prepare a homemade care or wellness set, or design an individual greeting card. Homemade Mother’s Day gifts are not only personal and unique, but also show your appreciation and love for your mom. Let your creativity run free and put a smile on your mum’s face with a homemade gift. I brought you my top 10 Mother’s Day gifts that you can easily make yourself:

Have fun browsing and imitating!

Make 10 Mother’s Day gifts yourself

Would you like to make a simple pop-up card for Mother’s Day? No problem! With this idea, I’ll show you how you can design an impressive Mother’s Day card that is still easy to make and has a WOW effect. Here are the instructions.

Make heart-shaped seed bombs yourself

Ever thought of making heart-shaped seed bombs for Mother’s Day? In this article, I will explain step-by-step how you can easily make these cute seed bombs yourself. Here are the instructions.

Duplo sayings to print out (as a gift idea)

Redesign the Duplo bars quickly and easily and turn them into a pretty Mother’s Day gift. Here are the instructions.

Make your own cheesecake pralines

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you can easily make these delicious chocolate cheesecakes yourself and give them as gifts! Here is the recipe.

Gift bag and Mother's Day card crafts with paper flowers

In my opinion, making a Mother’s Day card should definitely be part of Mother’s Day. That’s why I made a gift bag with homemade paper flowers for you, which can also be used as a wonderful Mother’s Day card. Here are the instructions.

Decorate candles with dried flowers and make them yourself

Whether as a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday or as a DIY decoration – this idea is well received by everyone and is really easy to implement. In this blog post I will show you step by step how to make these beautiful candles yourself. Here are the instructions.

DIY soap with saying (for Mother's Day)

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! How about a homemade soap that even has a lovely saying? Here are the instructions.

Merci chocolate: Make Mother's Day gifts yourself

A Merci gift is a wonderful way to express personal thanks. Here are the instructions.

Raspberry and lemon cake as a gift wrap

You can also score with a cake to show your mom how much you love her! That’s why this gift-style raspberry lemon cake is a perfect choice. Here are the instructions.

Make Mother's Day gifts yourself: DIY flower bouquet for Mother's Day

Not just giving away flowers for Mother’s Day? This works even better with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Here are the instructions.

What do you think of making Mother’s Day gifts yourself?

Until then. Your Laura

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I’m Laura from Berlin & Hamburg. TRYTRYTRY stands for trying new things, pushing your limits and not giving up, even if you fall down. Here we blog about the topics of food, DIY and the good life.


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