With a countdown to Christmas

I have a cute Santa Claus light for you that you can use to count down the days until Christmas – just turn the turntable and the countdown starts. It’s very easy to make crafts with my template. You can stick a cardboard bowl on the back or leave it out and simply attach a mini string of lights with a flat switch along the edge. You can hang the Santa Claus light on the front door as a welcome greeting or simply use it as a cute wall decoration.

Material list:

  • Santa Claus print file (for 19 cm size): CLICK
  • Kraft paper 230 g: CLICK
  • red construction paper from 200 g
  • Tracing paper pastel (light pink): CLICK
  • Green tracing paper or construction paper
  • Natural cardboard soup plate 19-20 cm: CLICK
  • alternatively flatter plates, 19 cm: CLICK
  • LED cork light: CLICK or
  • Fairy lights with flat switch: CLICK
  • Sample bag clip
  • Bell
  • line
  • black marker pen
  • golden Sharpie
  • Colored pencil white and pink
  • pointed scissors or craft knife
  • hot glue

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The DIY Santa Claus lamp is ready. Feel free to send me your results via Instagram, where I often share them. By the way, I have other lantern ideas for you here, for example my dinosaur lamp: CLICK or more: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy

Source: www.sammydemmy.de

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