Today is April 14th – and May 14th, 2023 is already Mother’s Day! As always, we bring you a nice list of inspiration for Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2023 – the best tips for buying later

It wasn’t until I uploaded the collage that I noticed how many beautiful coffee mugs ended up in it this time – I had to laugh a bit, because nothing works here without coffee. And (mini spoilers) – in my new dream kitchen (yippie!) I would like a coffee cup rack for my collection. But you’ll have to wait a while for the DIY. Let’s get started – we’ll show you many beautiful ideas from small handmade shops – from top to bottom!

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Even more gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2023 and gifts for moms

On Kreativfieber we have collected many more inspirations and gift ideas for (new) mums. Maybe you would like to browse. I’ll link you to a couple of related articles. For example, Maike has also written an article with great postpartum bed essentials that you can use to make new moms happy. And I’ve also linked you to a free DIY break in a glass, 10 ideas to make yourself and even more gift ideas to buy. Click on the picture to get you there!

Birth gifts for new moms - gift ideas for moms Giving away a little break in a glass - DIY gift idea for new moms Gift ideas for Mother's Day 2022

Happy gift giving


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