Today there is a DIY for all moms who like to think back to the time with their babies with a smile and a deep sigh.

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DIY Baby Time Keepsake Box

The first romper suit, your favorite bodysuit, your size 1 pacifier and your favorite baby rattle… It doesn’t matter what items you use to remind you of babyhood with your babies, everyone has their favourites.

It’s infinitely easier to sort through baby stuff when you allow yourself a small (I repeat, small) collection of your favorite items and the cutest clothes you keep in one pretty place. It doesn’t even have to disappear in the attic, but can also lie pretty on the bookshelf.

Baby time is so intense, rich in first moments and full of new details that you experience, that the sense of time is completely turned upside down. In general, however, after the first few years, many mothers have the feeling that babyhood was very short. From the first month, you already start saying goodbye, from the first size 50 bodysuit to emotional moments such as breastfeeding, your favorite pacifier, your first romper and the rattle that suddenly is no longer interesting. In order to hold on to the memories of the first 12 months, I have now converted two pretty little wooden boxes into little souvenir boxes. The loveliest clothes and little sentimental things that remind me of how small they both were go in there.

Keepsake box baby

Material for baby memory box

This is how you decorate the reminder box for baby time

I covered one of the two boxes with a patterned adhesive film. Then I used my plotter to plot name stickers and the word “Babyzeit” onto white vinyl and glued them to the side or lid, respectively.
If you still have pretty wallpaper leftovers, you can also stick them on the boxes. It is best to use napkin glue for this.

Keepsake Box Baby

If you don’t have a plotter, you can also use writable label stickers and write the names on them.

Another idea is to write the date of birth, birth height and weight on or in the lid and put some photos inside.

Birth gift idea

The whole thing is also a nice gift idea for birth. In that case you could add a small list on which the parents can write down a few small milestones or something similar.

My boxes are now on the open shelf, reminding me to urgently put together new photo books.

Baby time keepsake box

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