Make a cute dinosaur lantern out of paper plates

Here you can see my new dinosaur lantern and I’m really excited to see how you like it 😉 I’ve had the idea on my list for a while because of a few requests, but a reader gave me the final push because she herself has a similar dinosaur lantern. made a lantern and I thought it was so cute. There is another ready-made print template for you in two different plate sizes, which you can find in the material list. The print template also includes a mini dinosaur version for a small cheese box.

Material list:

  • Dino lantern print file (3 different sizes): CLICK
  • Kraft paper: CLICK
  • Soup paper plate natural 19-20 cm, included Rewe, Tedi, Kaufland or Hit on site or alternatively:
  • 19 cm paper plates that are a little flatter, but still beautiful: CLICK
  • or classic paper plates 23 cm in brown: CLICK
  • for the little dinosaur: 11 cm cheese box Le Rustique
  • Transparent Paper: CLICK
  • Mini LED cork fairy lights: CLICK
  • Laternenstab
  • black marker pen
  • colorful multi-markers, I have these: CLICK
  • Star punch: CLICK
  • pointed scissors or craft knife
  • Craft glue or hot glue
  • Glue stick

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And here you go Step-by-Step-Video

The paper plate dinosaur lantern is ready! Here you can see the mini version with the cheese box. I’ll also make a video about it one day. The file is integrated into the above PDF file from the materials list.

By the way, I have more lantern ideas for you here: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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