DIY lantern made from paper plates and napkin flowers

I came up with this Bambi lantern last year and already showed it on Pinterest. And because it was so well received, I’m doing a little blog post about it here with all the information you need, because there were a few questions about it 😉 The kraft paper soup plates were and are available at the local Rewe – I have the same ones for you online in the material list below Plates also linked, but in higher quantities than in the local Rewe. And since it was a bit difficult for some of you to get these soup plates last year, this year I also made a version with the classic white plate – I think it looks great 😉 For both versions of the Bambi lantern I created a print template for easy DIY, which you can also find in the materials list.

Material list:

  • Bambi Lantern print file (for 23 and 19 cm size): CLICK
  • Kraft paper: CLICK
  • Soup paper plate natural 19 cm, available at Rewe locally or here: CLICK
  • classic paper plates 23 cm: CLICK
  • Transparent Paper: CLICK
  • small branches
  • Homemade napkin flowers, here are my instructions: CLICK
  • Wooden lantern stick with electric light: CLICK
  • or small fairy lights or LED light
  • Piece of black construction paper
  • black Sharpie
  • pointed scissors or craft knife
  • Craft glue or hot glue

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The Bambi lantern is ready! By the way, I have more lantern ideas for you here: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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