DIY card for school enrollment

Today I’m going to show you a totally simple money gift for school enrollment. You need a bank note, a bit of crepe paper and kraft paper, as well as my artwork. The banknote is then simply turned into a school cone, given the name of the first grader and pressed into the cute bear’s hand 😉 This makes the gift of money for school enrollment very personal and anything but boring.

Material list:

  • Card bear print file: CLICK
  • My font for the longer texts: CLICK
  • kraft paper: CLICK
  • 3D Tape CLICK
  • Letter beads gold: CLICK
  • golden edding: CLICK
  • Elastic thread for the beads: CLICK
  • piece of crepe paper
  • piece of string
  • Uhu transparent adhesive pads
  • Tense
  • colored pencils
  • glue stick

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Have fun with handicrafts and of course with the enrollment,

Your Sammy


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