You have no idea what to get your creative friends? Today we have collected over 100 gift ideas for creative people for you – there is definitely something suitable! We made sure that there were ideas for every budget – from little things like stitch markers (around 2 euros) to creative tools like plotters (over 100 euros). You will find, among other things, the categories sewing, yarn, small gifts, tools & crafts, new materials/techniques, flowers, candle casting and more! Let’s go!

Over 100 gift ideas for creative people – DIY sets, craft sets, instructions, tools and much more.

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We have divided all ideas into categories so that you can quickly find something that suits you. At the very beginning we have the five beautiful ideas from our collage for you, sorted from top to bottom:

And another tip: At Etsy we curate a list of the most beautiful gift ideas for creative people. We always keep these up to date and you are welcome to take a look there: Etsy collection of creative gifts. Creative people are also usually happy about homemade items. You can find lots of little ideas in our list of 75 DIY Advent calendar gifts or 55 gifts from the kitchen. Now to our 100 ideas!

Gift ideas for creative people – knitting, crocheting, macrame and embroidery

For anyone who likes to do handicrafts with yarn, i.e. knitting, crocheting, macramé, embroidery, punch needles and so on, the gift options are endless. You can find gift guides for each topic in our gift finder, but we have summarized a few of our favorites here.

  • I like the knitting instructions from Paula knitt – they are simple and yet special. Here are my two favorites: the Coming Soon sweater and the Lasse beanie hat.
  • Practical for anyone who likes to knit: stitch markers in the shape of a cat, a knitting needle bag in mustard yellow and a knitting project bag for taking projects with you in dusty blue.
  • A quick knitting project for beginners is this chunky knit sweater. This headband (set with material and videos) is also quick to complete.
  • Made of rope: DIY macrame statement necklace set and DIY rope basket with neon.
  • Pimp your Pulli Kreuzstichset.
  • Macrame sets with yarn and instructions: macrame star, modern wall hanging, macrame rainbow, round macrame mirror (also suitable for beginners), macrame daisy keychain set.
  • Crochet set autumn amigurimi, otter crochet set, large cotton yarn box by Catania Crochet Yarn.
  • Punchneedle kits: Van Gogh Starry Night, Punchneedle cushion pink, Punchneedle cushion green-mustard yellow.
  • Embroidery sets: Flowercrown, flower meadow embroidery kit for beginners.
  • DIY set on weaving
  • Here you will find video courses on crocheting and knitting for beginners and advanced users.
  • Gift set Oh you socky Christmas time

Gift ideas for creative people – sewing

Here you will find everything from beautiful sewing instructions to sewing sets, beautiful little things like patches and small practical helpers for sewing.

Gift ideas for creative people – small gifts

Here we have collected small gifts – for example beautiful notebooks for planning new projects, cups, beautiful stamps, etc.

Gift ideas for creative children

For everyone who likes to be creative with their children or as a small gift for creative children to make their own.

Gift ideas for creative people – DIY books and co.

You can never have enough books – here we have put together a few nice copies for you that revolve around various creative topics. For example, I used the calligraphy book to practice on the envelopes for my sister’s wedding invitations – I can highly recommend it.

Gift ideas for creative people – tools

For many DIY projects you simply need the right tools – we have introduced you to a few tools here that can be used multifunctionally for many projects! Depending on your interest, this is always a nice gift. I gave myself my plotter for Christmas and have been using it for years now to create great gifts.

  • A plotter is totally versatile and can be used with textile and vinyl films, or even with paper. Perfect for all DIY fans! A good entry-level model is the Cricut Joy, for example. The Maker 3 is suitable for larger projects. If you already have a plotter, a heat press is a good addition, like the Easy Press mini here.
  • A Sizzix punching machine is a good gift for anyone who likes to work with paper. Here you will also find a large nature pen box and a nice fountain pen for writing on cards. Here you will find a very simple paper cutting machine.
  • Bead board and sorting box for everyone who likes to make their own jewelry. You can find a large beginner’s set with beads here: Bead box for bracelets.
  • This drill is always a good choice for working around the house and with wood. And for anyone who likes to repaint furniture, this multi-sander really makes work easier.
  • A great tool for many DIY projects: a Dremel.
  • Maybe not so pretty to unpack, but super practical: clamps!

Gift ideas for creative people – try out new techniques and materials

Just one Try out new DIY techniques? This is best done with a finished DIY set. We have already introduced many of the methods to you here on the blog and you can also put together the material yourself. But it’s always nice to give it away as a gift in the right quantity for a project in a nice box comes. Here we have put together a few favorites.

Gift ideas for creative people – flowers, candles, soap pouring, etc.

There are also suitable DIY kits for beautiful decorative projects! Here we have collected a lot for you on the subject of flowers, candles and soap casting.

Hopefully there was something for you too! Please also take a look at our gift finder. There you can see all of Kreativfieber’s ideas again in a practical overview and sort them according to your wishes. You’ll also find lots of great gift tips and collages here in the next few weeks. For example, Maike has just published an article about Secret Santa gifts under 15 euros.

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