Do you have an Advent calendar to fill that you take out every year? We always use the Advent calendar bags here that I sewed for a blog article in 2012 – at the time I didn’t think that two children would be happy about them in 2023. Today we have put together the most beautiful ideas for you to fill again and again – from very simple, inexpensive cardboard boxes to an elaborately sewn DIY Advent calendar with lots of small details, everything is included!

The most beautiful Advent calendars to fill – bags, boxes, etc. – can be personalized with names

Many of the Advent calendars can also be personalized with names – always a nice idea! I’ll link everything from top to bottom so that you can quickly find the things in the collage. The boxes and bags all come in sets of 2 to 6, so you can easily put together a set of 24.

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That’s it – our Advent calendar ideas to fill! Maybe there was something for you too!

Even more Advent calendar ideas to read on!

And if you would like to take care of the filling straight away, we have lots of articles here for you to read on!

Have fun planning and giving as gifts,


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