Today we have an absolutely super cute idea of ​​what you can do with children’s drawings! And the best thing about it: you don’t have to be a tech professional to get it done.

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Animate children’s drawings – gift idea for grandparents

I love the cute childhood pictures of my girls. Especially my oldest, who is just 6 years old, paints new pictures every day.
I recently discovered this website where you can animate children’s drawings. Isn’t that an absolutely cool idea? By chance, I had just stuck two cute portraits of the two girls on the screen with tape and took a photo of the pictures for testing purposes and used them to test the website. And I have to tell you, I was so excited that I sat my daughter down at the painting table again right after school!
I’ll tell you how you can create your own animations here:

Animating children’s drawings – very easy

First you need a painted picture of a figure.

Ideally, this should be drawn frontally and have arms and legs on the left and right. In the best case scenario, it is a figure on a white background that stands out clearly from the rest of the image and, for example, has a dark border.
It is best to scan the image to digitize it. You can also take a photo of it. Then make sure that it is well lit, that there are no shadows on it and that you get it as large as possible in the photo.

Now you can upload the image to this Meta website.

There you will now be guided step-by-step. You have to determine in a squad where the character is placed in the image and then use a pen and eraser tool to hide the background of the character and select all parts of the character.

Then you decide where your face, legs and arms are and off you go.

Now you can have the figure perform various movements and download or send each figure directly with one click.

You will then receive a small video file with your figure on a white background.

Animated children’s drawings as a gift idea or birthday greeting

If you have a good video program, you can now play with the video files and add a background to them and animate something great. But even without professional technology, you can do fun things with it.

Send birthday greetings

Animate children's drawings

If you have a video app on your smartphone, you could record a small voice message separately and then place it in a small video under the animation and send a birthday greeting. By the way, I used my standard Samsung program on my smartphone for this.

Give away animated children’s drawings with digital picture frames – gift idea for grandma and grandpa

Animate children's drawings

Have you downloaded the video frequency? Then upload it to a digital picture frame. You can fill it with additional beautiful photos and then give it to your grandparents. So grandma and grandpa not only always have current photos of their loved ones around them, but also little funny cartoons of their grandchildren. You can regularly renew the photos with a USB stick or, for higher-quality devices, you can even connect them via Wi-Fi and an app on your smartphone and renew them regularly.

You can find your digital picture frames on Amazon here.

Have fun animating!


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