Today I’m going to show you creative ideas for gifts for mom. Mother’s Day is approaching and maybe you’re still undecided about what to get your mom. You may even wonder whether it is even necessary to give a gift on this day. Personally, I think it’s nice to make my mom happy on this special day by making homemade Mother’s Day gifts. The following ideas are easy to implement and you can even make some of them last minute if you need an idea quickly.

What can you make yourself for Mother’s Day?

A gift for our mothers, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion. Even if we should say thank you more often, no one should forget Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is also easy to remember because it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. If you’re now wondering what you should give for Mother’s Day, I can tell you from my own experience: the best gifts that mothers are particularly happy about are always the ones they’ve made or baked themselves. That’s why you can get suggestions here for 10 wonderful gifts for mom that you can imitate and surprise your mother with for Mother’s Day.

Have fun browsing and imitating!

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Do your moms like the smell of flowers? Then you can easily make flower soap yourself. Lovingly packaged, it makes a very personal Mother’s Day gift. Click here for the instructions.

DIY mom definition in the picture frame

A picture frame with the definition of mom is original, and this message is the best compliment: “A mom can replace anything, but can never be replaced”. Click here for the instructions.

Duplo sayings to print out (as a gift idea)

These Duplo sayings can be printed out quickly and easily. They’re also a last minute idea for anyone who almost forgot about Mother’s Day. Click here for the instructions.

DIY flower letters

Of course, flowers are also nice gifts for mom. But a simple bouquet may be a bit commonplace. Why not make the letters MAMA out of flowers? Click here for the recipe.

Make gift bags and Mother's Day cards with paper flowers

If you already have an idea for a Mother’s Day gift, you should make sure it’s beautifully packaged. Click here for the instructions.

Make your own 3D flower pop-up card for Mother's Day

A homemade and handwritten greeting card for Mother’s Day is a wonderful gift idea for mom to make her happy. Most mothers are happy when the greeting doesn’t come via WhatsApp. Click here for the instructions.

Decorate bottle with flowers

Decorating a bottle with flowers is also a special Mother’s Day gift. Click here for instructions.

Brunch board with heart waffles for Mother's Day

You can surprise your mom on Mother’s Day with a brunch board made of heart waffles and fresh fruit. Click here for the instructions.

DIY sliding card

If you can’t deliver gifts for mom in person, a homemade slide card is a nice alternative to sending a loving Mother’s Day greeting by post. Click here for the instructions.

Make a Mother's Day card with a heart made of paper flowers

As a saying goes? Let roses speak. A homemade Mother’s Day card with a personal greeting lasts longer than any bouquet of flowers. Click here for the instructions.

How do you like making your own Mother’s Day gifts?

See you then. Your Laura

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